"We are Borg" 21 kb
"I speak for the Borg" 5 kb
"You may call me Seven of Nine" 29 kb
"This activity is truly unproductive" 53 kb
"I have no good news to report" 44 kb
"I am rude" 48 kb
"Have a pleasant day" 39 kb
"I will examine your data" 30 kb
"Your appeal to my humanity is pointless" 60 kb
"Resistance is futile" 45 kb
"Quilt is irrelevant" 33 kb
"Pleasure is irrelevant" 29 kb
"I will not comply" 29 kb
"Good night Captain" 27 kb
"I felt the need for companionship" 66 kb
"It was a mild shock, he will recover. He wasn't responding to diplomacy" 134 kb
"If you're here to fraternize, I do not have the time" 57 kb
"fun will now commence" 29 kb
"What's your designation?" "Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 01, but ...." 194 kb